Sunday, December 21, 2014

One-Hour Wargames 6mm French Army Set (and a Church)

Grading papers and pre-holiday travel made the last two weeks hectic, but I still got some painting done. I also decided I didn't look the sparse look of my 6mm troops spread out on the 2" x 2" bases, so I re-based (glad I didn't flock) on 1.5" x 1" bases, in double line for infantry, single line for cavalry, and I like them much better this way.

So now my French Army set for One-Hour Wargames is done:

4 Line Infantry Units
2 Cavalry Units
2 Artillery Units
2 Light Infantry Units

With the units on smaller bases, I'll probably make the battlefield smaller than I originally intended (probably 15" x 15" or so) and switch the range and movement measurements to cm rather than the inches as in the R.A.W. After seeing the successful play through at Shaun's Wargaming with Miniatures blog on a 12" x 12" battlefield, I'm not worried about playing on a smaller area. It obviously works just fine, and a game space approximating the dimensions of a moderately sized chess board will fit nicely on the desk in my study.

I also picked up some Baccus 6mm Napoleonic British (even though I've already got the Austrians in the queue for the work bench), as well as some 6mm buildings in the "Simply 6" range sold by Scale Creep Miniatures.

I've got a few more buildings to work on, which should be enough for two small villages or one medium-sized town.


  1. Love the building Chris. I sometimes wish I had painting space.

    1. Thanks Tim.

      Actually the real bugger is storage space, more than work space. But suspect the switch to 6mm will help me with that (I'm totally becoming a 6mm fanatic).

  2. I'm looking forward t trying out 1HW over Christmas - it's wrapped up under the tree waiting for me. My 6mm South American Napoleonics are on 3mm frontages, so will work much the same as yours on a 15" square board with distances converted to cm. Although given the breadth of periods covered by the book I'm torn as to what t try out first - ACW, Great Northern War and Dark Ages are also calling to me :)

    Your French army does looks good, and so easy to produce as well.

    1. Thanks!

      One of the things that really draws me to this game, combined with 6mm minis, is that I feel like I can switch periods very easily with it. To paint up a full army set (10 units) it took me only about 2-3 weeks. Since I suffer severely from the classic "Ooh, shiny!" complex, the game's parameters suit me well. I plan to eventually do some ACW, Austrian Succession, Dark Ages, maybe some Ancients, and it really does not seem to be a daunting prospect at all.

  3. nice stuff! I'd brighten the tree a bit and put some blossoms on it to catch the eye. Some very light grey would also spiff up the church. If you feel very adventurous, try hanging a tiny banner off the steeple - something in a bright color. Little things like that really make a difference in my painting, I think.

    I very much agree with the comments on the game's scale. While I have tons of Dark Ages in 25mm, it's great to be able to play on a 3x2' table in my study. I've been working on the rules pretty intently and have now posted options, clarifications and such at my "Spear to the Strife" blog, including a playtest involving double armies - twelve units per side. Pleased with the progress and feel like the tweaks are faithful to the original intent of the rules. The clarifications are just necessary [e.g. there's no definition of how to contact for melee] and involved the most thinking.

    Interested in the black powder rules also, as I've already got nearly 100 Hessians painted up for AWI, 30 Musketeers, 30 Fusiliers, 18 jaegers, 6 gunners and some guns, plus some generals. Project has stalled while I try to decide if I should switch to 40mm for the whole thing, or go to 7YW Prussians v. Austrians but stay in 25mm. Hmm, with these rules, it's manageable to do either one!

    1. Thanks Alex -- I might give those details a try on the church. I've been swamped with some real life stuff lately and have gotten behind on my blog reading. I need to head over to your blog to see that double army playtest!