Saturday, December 13, 2014

6mm French Cavalry

It's not the Grande Armée yet, but it's growing.

Despite being swamped with end-of-semester grading and pre-holiday prep, I managed to complete a unit of cuirassiers and added flags to the previously painted infantry.

Some thoughts:

  • The blue looks a lot lighter in the photos than it does to the naked eye; "in person" the blue looks much darker (and from far enough away it actually just looks black).
  • For unit flags I went with a simplified late Napoleonic-era tricolore style solely because the larger vertical blocks of color stood out better when viewed from a distance, compared to the early-era unit flags with colored corners (I tried the latter and then removed them, replacing them with the later flags). The flags came from   
  • I haven't flocked these yet; I'm not 100% sure this is how I want them based, and it'll be easier to change my mind and re-base if they're not flocked; so just for now I'll keep the bases plain.
  • I'm going to do two units more French units (enough to make one One-Hour Wargames army), then I'll move on to the Austrians and finish enough for an opposing army so I can play while completing the remaining 4 units for each army's full set.


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  2. Yes, one has to prime white and then paint "UP" in color tones in order to get the right _apparent_ color from a distance. my 1/2400 naval is very much like that, especially as I like to use a wash to darken the crevices. Looking good!

    1. Thanks Alex! You're definitely right, the apparent color is the key.