Sunday, December 21, 2014

One-Hour Wargames 6mm French Army Set (and a Church)

Grading papers and pre-holiday travel made the last two weeks hectic, but I still got some painting done. I also decided I didn't look the sparse look of my 6mm troops spread out on the 2" x 2" bases, so I re-based (glad I didn't flock) on 1.5" x 1" bases, in double line for infantry, single line for cavalry, and I like them much better this way.

So now my French Army set for One-Hour Wargames is done:

4 Line Infantry Units
2 Cavalry Units
2 Artillery Units
2 Light Infantry Units

With the units on smaller bases, I'll probably make the battlefield smaller than I originally intended (probably 15" x 15" or so) and switch the range and movement measurements to cm rather than the inches as in the R.A.W. After seeing the successful play through at Shaun's Wargaming with Miniatures blog on a 12" x 12" battlefield, I'm not worried about playing on a smaller area. It obviously works just fine, and a game space approximating the dimensions of a moderately sized chess board will fit nicely on the desk in my study.

I also picked up some Baccus 6mm Napoleonic British (even though I've already got the Austrians in the queue for the work bench), as well as some 6mm buildings in the "Simply 6" range sold by Scale Creep Miniatures.

I've got a few more buildings to work on, which should be enough for two small villages or one medium-sized town.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

6mm French Cavalry

It's not the Grande Armée yet, but it's growing.

Despite being swamped with end-of-semester grading and pre-holiday prep, I managed to complete a unit of cuirassiers and added flags to the previously painted infantry.

Some thoughts:

  • The blue looks a lot lighter in the photos than it does to the naked eye; "in person" the blue looks much darker (and from far enough away it actually just looks black).
  • For unit flags I went with a simplified late Napoleonic-era tricolore style solely because the larger vertical blocks of color stood out better when viewed from a distance, compared to the early-era unit flags with colored corners (I tried the latter and then removed them, replacing them with the later flags). The flags came from   
  • I haven't flocked these yet; I'm not 100% sure this is how I want them based, and it'll be easier to change my mind and re-base if they're not flocked; so just for now I'll keep the bases plain.
  • I'm going to do two units more French units (enough to make one One-Hour Wargames army), then I'll move on to the Austrians and finish enough for an opposing army so I can play while completing the remaining 4 units for each army's full set.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Three French Infantry Battalions Done

Progress on the One-Hour Wargames project: three 6mm French infantry battalions done.

Normal view from about 18 inches away:

Zoomed view:

Still need to properly base and flock them, and add flags.