Monday, November 17, 2014

One-Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas – A Bullet-Point Review

Neil Thomas' book One-Hour Wargames hits the mark for its intended purpose and audience: "Practical Tabletop Battles for those with Limited Time and Space." The rules are for games with four to six units per side, fought on a three-foot-by-three-foot square battlefield.  With the demands of my job and very limited hobby time, this book has inspired me to jump back into miniature wargaming after a rather long two-year hiatus.

The book's main features include:

  • practical and simple painting and terrain tips
  • simple rules for nine different periods (ancient, dark ages, medieval, pike & shot, horse & musket, rifle & sabre, machine age, WWII)
  • thirty non-period-specific scenarios
  • simple campaign suggestions
  • simple solo wargaming suggestions

What I like about these rules:

  • they demand only a minimal investment of time
  • they favor a small size of the playing surface
  • they allow for flexible figure basing (standard base size, put however minis look right on it)
  • the rules for each period have common base mechanisms
  • special rules give each period a unique flavor

I recommend book to you if you are:

  • a newcomer to wargaming
  • an experienced gamer without the time to paint large numbers of figures
  • an experienced gamer without the time or space for physically large games
  • an experienced gamer who just likes simple rules


  1. Chris, I am adding your blog to myblog list due to the 1HW review and project. However, I'm putting it into my ECW blog,

    as that is closer to your project's time frame than my medieval blog, "Spear to the strife". But I will add your review to those already in MY review at SttS, here:
    Hope that makes sense!

    I have read the horse and musket rules in 1HW and they seem very good to me, will follow your project with interest!

    Cheers, alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      Glad you stopped by. I read your 1HW batrep with interest, and I look forward to checking out your ECW blog too.